“You Motherf—ers Going Down With Me”; Texan Teen Wanted for Corona Terrorism (VIDEO)


The Carrollton Police Department is searching for an 18-year old local resident Lorraine Maradiaga after her disturbing social media videos went viral on April 6th.

The Texan teen starts with filming herself on the hospital parking lot, receiving COVID-19 test results from a nurse. The health worker, whose face is not shown, informs Maradiaga that she tested positive on a preliminary screening test. She then warns her to return back to her house and stay inside while they prepare the final results.

Maradiaga then films herself inside a store, claiming that she is in Walmart and she plans to infect everyone there.

“If I’m going down, all you motherf—ers going down with me.”

In her last two videos, the girl is seen driving her car and cussing out her parents for telling her to stay home. She also has an apparent coughing fit.

The Carrollton Police announced that Lorraine Maradiaga is charged with making a terroristic

threat. She was not home when they tried to arrest her and her whereabouts are unknown, so they rely on public assistance.


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