University Doctor and Her Husband were Killed During Coronavirus Hysteria, Wisconsin

Murdered couple worked in respected University. Photo taken from Facebook page of Viterbo University

Beth Potter, a physician at Wisconsin University and her educator spouse Robin Carre were the victims of premeditated homicide, police say after catching the suspects.

The late couple made headlines after their bodies were discovered by a jogger on the curb of the UW Arboretum grounds on March 31th. They were apparently murder by gunshots in the head. Carre was already deceased, but Potter passed away several hours later at the hospital.

Both arrested suspects, Ali’jah J. Larrue and his friend Khari Sanford are just 18, but the investigators from the University of Wyoming Police Department believe they planned this crime. The young men are the residence of Madison like the victims were. It was reported that Sanford was a boyfriend of the victims’ daughter and that he was the one who fired the fatal shots; he was overheard confessing to it.

Both suspects are currently incarcerated at the Dane County Jail, both getting first-degree intentional homicide charges.


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