Toilet Paper Violence: California Man Punches his Mother

Photo by visuals on Unsplash.

A family in Santa Clarita Valley, California, has taken a new turn in the quarantine-induced violence. On April, 6th, a 26-year-old man named Adrian Yan, was out and about in his residence, looking for some highly-treasured toilet paper. When he failed to find any, he confronted his mother Shirley Miller.

Adrian had his suspicions about Shirley hiding something, and after an argument she confessed he was right. She had put the rolls away because she felt her son was wasting too much of it in these trying times of toilet paper deficiency.

So Adrian became mad enough to allegedly punch his own mother over the toilet paper conspiracy, reports NBC.

Apparently, someone alerted the authorities that arrived at the scene and arrested Adrian Yan on suspicion of battery. His mother, however, refused to press charges.


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