Tijuana Cop Pleads Guilty To Trying To Steal $1 Mil In Chula Vista

Photo via Punto Norte/The Daily Mail.

A 27-year-old police officer from Tijuana, Mexico, has pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit a robbery in California.

Marco Quijas Castillo is one of the two Tijuana cops charged with attempting to steal $1 million from a Chula Vista house. A total of six people were arrested in connection to this case back in January 31st after a FBI investigation that messed up their plans.

Quijas Castillo and 35-year-old Jesús Estrada Torres, his colleague from the Tijuana municipal police department, crossed the border in winter accompanied by Ignacio Cruz Martínez and an undercover police officer. The other accomplices, Mario Eugene Hall, Tomas Emmanuel Ramirez and Jeremiah Nicholas Shaw joined them later. These three had traveled from San Bernandino.

It is unknown why the perpetrators believed they would haul no less than $1 million from the house they had targeted. Nevertheless, they attempted to carry the plan out. While Quijas Castillo and Estrada Torres stood on the lookout, the others met up with a man who provided them with the access code to the home’s address. That man was an undercover FBI agent.

The FBI arrested the robbers as soon as they attempted to enter the code into a mailbox that was supposed to contain a key from the house.

The suspects have initially pled “not guilty” to conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit residential burglary and weapons possession. Jesús Estrada Torres, who was back then a director of a police unit in the La Presa Rural district, was stripped of his rank, reported the Daily Mail.

After pleading guilty, Marco Quijas Castillo is set to be sentenced on August 25th. Estrada Torres and the other defendants remain in custody and will appear in court in June, says NBC San Diego.


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