They Grow Them Tall In Texas Worlds Longest Legs On A Woman


It must be strange to breathe in all that rarefied air at her height of 6’11’’. A young lady from Texas has broken not one but two world records. One is for having the longest legs for a youngster. The other is for being the longest legged woman in the world. She comes from a tall family but she eclipses their height by 5 inches. She has also become a celebrity for speaking about not being ashamed to be so tall as a woman. Her followers are in the million + viewers on video channels. With a further 50,000+ figure on a popular social media platform.

It is her encouragement and positive message to young and adult women alike which has them coming back for more. She is now seen as a role model for them to emulate through her positive message. They do not want anything more than for her to continue to encourage them on that topic.


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