Texas Supreme Court Rules in Favor Of Governor in Limiting Mail-In Boxes


The Texas court has ruled in favour of the governor. That mail-in boxes should be limited to one per county. Consequently, the court agreed that it provided access to more people. Resulting in having their voting rights respected.  Previously proponents had argued that the governor had exceeded his authority and powers. It, however, sided with the governor that in its view he had not done so. Consequently, he was actually enfranchising voters through his actions. As a result, it noted also that adequate safeguards had been introduced. Against the claim that voters couldn’t get to their locations. Subsequently, this was done through generous time limits. There was also the provision that they could mail them in sufficient time before the election.

It is heartening that governors are taking their responsibilities seriously and helping people. They also praised him for thinking things through.  By introducing the necessary safeguards to enable that help.

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