Texas AG Accused of Crimes By His Staff


The employees of an Attorney General have reported him to the proper authorities for bribery and corruption. His staff and supporters reported what they say are crimes in office. It is strange as it has apparently never happened before. Yet it has happened now in the great state of Texas. The accusation has everyone wondering and reeling. It is also strange that this particular AG has been fighting his entire 5 years in office a charge for securities fraud. Consequently, he pleaded not guilty to the previous charge hanging over him. Legal challenges have delayed that charge for years. The AG has accused them in turn for corruption which makes this situation noteworthy. The AG is also accusing his deputy and supporters. To stall an investigation by him regarding their activities in office.

A political commentator has stated he has never encountered such a situation before. We await where this flying accusations will lead.

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Christopher is the head of the Crimes and Accidents News department. He’s a third-generation New Yorker with a passion for journalistic objectivity. Christopher (always "Christopher", never "Chris!) grew up living every kid's dream: his father owned a comic book shop in East Brooklyn. But don't presume that the heroic characters in spandex were the ones who made him fascinated with the Crime vs Punishment concept. Christopher was more interested in the non-superhero comics like Tank Girl and Maus. In the 8th grade he already knew what he was about to do in this life, which was investigative journalism that he would later successfully study in Columbia. Christopher then returned to New York to work as a stringer. Those adrenaline-filled times were equally nerve-wracking and amazing; the only thing that made him settle down was marrying his beloved wife of 10 years. Crime reporting remains Christopher's specialty and biggest passion. That, and not being called "Chris". old@regionalusa.com


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