Teen Stabs His Grandfather’s Nurse With a Sword

Photo via Unsplash

A 15-year-old Pennsylvanian teen will be charged as an adult after severely wounding a female health worker with a sword on the night of April 15th. 

The victim, a local nurse whose name is not stated at the moment, sustained lacerations to her neck and hand. One of her fingers was nearly cut off. She was surgically treated at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Altoona. 

Michael Watson, an alleged teenage culprit, confessed to the brutal attack after police confronted him at his family residence in Woodbury Township, Altoona. According to him, the nurse was visiting the house earlier. While she was busy tending his grandfather, Michael took a weapon he allegedly possessed — a sword with an 18-inch blade  — and discreetly stuck it in the ground behind her parked car. He then followed the victim outside under the pretense of escorting her to her vehicle, grabbed the sword and attacked her from behind 

The nurse, albeit startled and seriously wounded, managed to get inside her car and drive away.  

Watson then hid the sword outside, cleaned himself up, changed his blood-soaked clothes and return back inside the house to serve some dinner to his mother and stepfather. 

He is charged with counts of criminal homicide charges, aggravated assault, possessing an instrument of crime, and recklessly endangering another person. His motives are unknown. 


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