Supersonic Is Back With The XB-1


When Concorde stopped its service it was the end of the dream for supersonic flight. However not anymore as an independent company has introduced its first miniaturised version of a supersonic airline. Named the XB-1 it is a forerunner to the full version. The full version named the Overture which will be a fully built commercial jet that will be able to resume supersonic flight between New York and London. Many avid Concorde users have missed the days they could get on a Concord flight and be in either city in 3.5 hours. That is the aim of the Overture scheduled to resume these flights in 2019.

It is a difficult time for the airline industry as well as the travel industry. However, the independent company’s heads have full confidence that the industries will make a recovery. They are banking on when they do they will be ready to provide supersonic flight at Mach 2 to them.

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