San Diego Homeless Will Be Housed By Local Landlords


The city of San Diego, California, has been providing homeless residents with shelter since April 16th. Right now they are inhabiting the Convention Centre. But two of them have recently tested positive for COVID-19, and the city officials realized that a new strategy was needed.

Last week Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced that San Diego would be turning to the Landlord Engagement Assistance Program (LEAP) — a strategy that already existed before the virus outbreak. He asked local property owners to participate in what might be a life-saving act:

“Right now, as you know, hundreds of San Diegans are at the Convention Center and we want to house as many as we can.”

“We need housing, landlords need funding, the time to do that is now.”

The program provides incentives for the landlords who will agree to house homeless tenants. This includes a part of the rent, a 2-months security deposit, and coverage on property damage, a $500 bonus, and $100 in utilities.

By April 27th over two dozen landlords have answered the Mayor’s call, reports Fox.

If you are a San Diego property owner  interested to join the LEAP program, call 619-578-7768 or mail to

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