Roderick Bliss Shoots His Girlfriend Because Covid-19 Pandemic Was Too Upsetting, Pennsylvania


A 38 year old man Roderick Bliss shot at his 43 year old girlfriend four times before shooting and killing himself. 

Bliss was recently laid off his job during the Covid-19 pandemic and had become increasingly upset. His death was ruled a homicide, by Northampton County Coroner Zachary Lysek. 

Police responded after a worker nearby heard the gunshots and called 911. Officers found Bliss unresponsive his long time girlfriend was rushed to St.Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill. She has since survived the ordeal with successful surgery for a single gunshot wound to her back. Currently her name has not been released. 

She was still conscious when the police arrived at the scene and was able to narrate the incident. The police returned the following day to get further reports from neighbours and people who knew the couple. 


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