Rick Moranis Attacked While Walking In Broad Daylight


Moranis was minding his own business walking in New York. When he was randomly attacked by a blow to the head from an unknown assailant What is this world coming to. Rick Moranis of Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Ghostbusters. Was. This is shocking as he is known for not being able to hurt a fly. The fact that this happened in broad daylight is another mystery. The assailant hot-footed it away from the scene without being caught. Moranis despite his youthful looks is 67 years of age could have caused serious injuries. There is simply no reason or excuse for this kind of attack.

Either the attacker was deranged or he recognised Moranis. Then decided to attack him for being who he was as a celebrity. Thankfully he was alright apart from stating he had pain to a number of areas in his body. This was identified through the filing of a police report.

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