Residents Refuse To Leave Homeless Camp In Morgantown, WV, Claim Homeless Shelters Discriminate Against Them

Photo via 12WBOY.

Many, if not all occupants of at the Deckers Creek-based homeless camp in Morgantown, West Virginia, which is about to be demolished this week.

The sheer existence of the camp has been opposed by many neighborhood households who deem the homeless residents potentially dangerous. Now that it is about to be closed, all thirty of them are offered alternatives in the form of homeless shelters. Several nonprofit organizations, such as West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, have joined forces to create a program that would help them find different housing opportunities.

But the camp residents are refusing the offer, claiming that homeless shelters, such as Bartlett Housing Solutions are known for their gender and racial discrimination. According to the 12WBOY reports, the residents also claim that the community they have found in this camp is really tight, supportive, and family-like, providing a sense of safety to them.


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