Rapid City, S.D. To Begin Watering Restrictions Starting June

Photo via Unsplash.

The water level at South Dakota’s Pactola Reservoir is currently high enough thanks to the wet season, but that doesn’t mean the residents can get reckless. Rapid City, the second-biggest city of the state, is adopting watering restrictions starting June 1.

According to Jeff Crockett, the city’s Water Superintendent, watering of your garden and crops can be wasteful when not done wisely. If you doing at noon and several hours past noon, when the day’s heat is at its peak, water swiftly evaporates, never having a chance to do any good to your patches. When you notice that your plants are still thirsty, you pour more water and therefore waste more.

To help with natural resources saving, the Rapid City residents will take turns in watering: odd-numbered addresses will be permitted to do it on odd-numbered dates, and even-numbered ones — on even-numbered ones accordingly. Therefore, no watering whatsoever will be allowed on the last day of July and August.

Also, no watering is permitted between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. hours. 

The ruling is mandatory and will remain effective until the end of August.


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