“Protect Your Ride”; Motorcycle Thefts Are Swarming Austin, Texas


The majority of vehicles currently have little to no use since their owners follow the stay-at-home orders. This has undoubtedly tempted a lot of criminals, including those who have stolen more than 30 motorcycles in the city of Austin.

All thefts were reported within this month, says the Austin Police Department (APD).

This prompted the authorities to release an official warning for the residents on April 23rd. APD’s official Twitter account posted a graphic with reminders such as “Lock It Or Lose It”, “Protect Your Ride”, and ” Lock Up Your Motorcycle” written on it.

APD also provides safety warnings for motorcycle owners, says KXAN. They include: covering a bike to camouflage it, anchoring it with a solid cable or a chain, and applying disk locks.

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