Pregnant 19-year-old Sets 2 Apartments on Fire by Accident in Waco, Texas

Photo via Rawpixel

Intense flames consumed an apartment in the Eagle Crest complex on March, 24. Fire alarm went off in the morning around 8 o’clock. Both the Waco Fire Department and Bellmead Fire Department rushed to the scene on Bellmead Drive.

Apparently the fire started after a 19-year-old pregnant woman had fallen asleep with a candle still aflame. She woke up to the flames rapidly engulfing her upstairs apartment.

Attempts splashing water on them didn’t help, so the woman rushed out crying for help and banging on doors to alert the neighbors.

The fire quickly spread over their floor and although first responders eventually suppressed it, at least 2 apartments were completely destroyed. Three occupants ended up displaced and seemed to lose all their possessions.

No one in the building was physically injured. Police reached out to the Red Cross, asking to provide support for the victims.


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