Pastor Spell Tries to Run A Protestor Over With a Bus (VIDEO)


The infamous pastor Tony Spell of Louisiana is in hot water again. A video that surfaced on April 21st shows a bus with Pastor Spell behind the wheel, backing up towards a protester outside the Life Tabernacle Church. The vehicle stops within several feet from the man.

After reviewing the video, the Central police obtained an arrest warrant for Pastor Spell. He will be formally charged later today and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. If found guilty, he can spend up to six months behind bars. 

The man who was almost hit by the Pastor’s bus was protesting the Life Tabernacle Church’s refusal to suspend large social gatherings. Ever since the stay at home order was issued, Pastor Spell has been fiercely denying the necessity of the quarantine. His church continued to hold services. 

He also urged his followers to donate their stimulus checks to evangelical organizations.

The authorities previously charged Pastor Spell with six counts of violating the governor’s emergency orders on March 31st. 

Pastor Spell claimed that he did not intend to hit the protester but was merely trying to move closer and ask to “stop verbally assaulting my wife and children, and hundreds of other women who attend our church”, reports The New York Times.

However, another Life Tabernacle Church parishioner, a man named Nathan Thomas is also being charged for trying to run the same protester over with his car. 


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