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Health and coronavirus

Hawaii Governor David Ige Extends Air Incoming Passengers Quarantine For At...

Hawaii Governor David Ige has held a Facebook meeting to overlook the state’s nearest future. He gathered all county mayors — Honolulu...

Dodger Stadium In Los Angeles Turnes Into Another Pandemic Testing Site,...

Dodger Stadium will become a Los Angeles’ newest and largest coronavirus testing location starting May 26th, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Friday.

Family Dollar Store Guard Killed In Face Mask Brawl

On May 4th the Genesee County prosecutor issued a press release with shocking details of last week's conflict in Flint, Michigan.


Crime News

4 People Arrested In Connection To Murder Of 13-year-old DC Boy

Four D.C. men have received first-degree murder charges in connection to a fatal shooting of 13-year-old Malachi Lukes. The...

Boeing Mechanic From Washington Kills A Man After Being Rejected

Police in Everett, Washington, has arrested a 35-year- Ryan Leenders, a Boeing employee accused of fatally shooting a man.

Walmart Employee In Custody In Connection With Bomb Threat In Minnesota

Mike Landis, a City of Republic’s Walmart employee, is now in custody after a bomb threat was made earlier tonight, reports the...

Looting Reported at Lake Street Target Amidst George Floyd Protests

As the protests outside Minneapolis’ Third Precinct police headquarters continue as of the night of May 27th, apparent looting was reported.

New Jersey Nurse Stalked, Attacked And Nearly Kidnapped by Man She...

A New Jersey man has stalked and attempted to kidnap a nurse that had treated him at Monmouth Medical Center. 


29-year-old man is the First Hunter Jailed for Poaching in Washington

Poaching has always been taken seriously by the U.S. criminal law and the current pandemic has evidently increased those concerns. On March 29 the...

Senator Peter Micciche Tries to Exchange New Bill on Alcohol in Alaska

Breweries in Alaska have to close by 8 p.m. regardless of what day it is. But this might change soon. At least if Alaska...

Cat’s Sixth Sense Leads to a Mysterious Find in Arizona

It was a pretty ordinary day for Ceejae Jackman when she found her young kitten determinedly scratching the wall in one of her rooms....

Pregnant 19-year-old Sets 2 Apartments on Fire by Accident in Waco, Texas

Intense flames consumed an apartment in the Eagle Crest complex on March, 24. Fire alarm went off in the morning around 8 o’clock. Both...

Girl Cuts Herself With a Knife, Runs From Police in Stolen Ambulance in Indiana

Police in Terre Haute, Indiana, arrests a 25-year-old woman for stealing a Regional Hospital ambulance. The ambitious car thief hijacked the TransCare vehicle on...

Cessna Plane Crashes in North Carolina with 2 People Abroad

The Coast Guard of North Carolina is currently searching for survivors and debris after a plane crashed in the Atlantic ocean. The Cessna went...

11 Inmates to be Released in Sussex County Amidst Corona Outbreak

The Morris County jail of Sussex County will be releasing two classes of inmates on March 24. Following the orders from the Supreme Court...

New Jersey Port Authority Director Could Die from Coronavirus (VIDEO)

The New Jersey Port Authority Executive Director is the latest victim of the Coronavirus. Five new cases reported. State of Emergency declared. Panic is spreading...