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Health and coronavirus

Hawaii Governor David Ige Extends Air Incoming Passengers Quarantine For At...

Hawaii Governor David Ige has held a Facebook meeting to overlook the state’s nearest future. He gathered all county mayors — Honolulu...

Dodger Stadium In Los Angeles Turnes Into Another Pandemic Testing Site,...

Dodger Stadium will become a Los Angeles’ newest and largest coronavirus testing location starting May 26th, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Friday.

Family Dollar Store Guard Killed In Face Mask Brawl

On May 4th the Genesee County prosecutor issued a press release with shocking details of last week's conflict in Flint, Michigan.


Crime News

4 People Arrested In Connection To Murder Of 13-year-old DC Boy

Four D.C. men have received first-degree murder charges in connection to a fatal shooting of 13-year-old Malachi Lukes. The...

Boeing Mechanic From Washington Kills A Man After Being Rejected

Police in Everett, Washington, has arrested a 35-year- Ryan Leenders, a Boeing employee accused of fatally shooting a man.

Walmart Employee In Custody In Connection With Bomb Threat In Minnesota

Mike Landis, a City of Republic’s Walmart employee, is now in custody after a bomb threat was made earlier tonight, reports the...

Looting Reported at Lake Street Target Amidst George Floyd Protests

As the protests outside Minneapolis’ Third Precinct police headquarters continue as of the night of May 27th, apparent looting was reported.

Tulsa Children, Age 3 and 2, Missing For 2 Days; Arrested...

Police in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is searching for two young siblings who have been missing since May 22nd. Their mother,...


5-year-old boy Shot Dead, Three Women Sought in Houston, Texas

The unspeakable tragedy stroke a family in Houston on March 31st when a stray bullet hit 5-year-old Jordan Allen Jr. while he was sitting on his balcony. Four days ago Jordan was taken off of life support, and on April 7th the Houston P.D. Homicide Division finally announced that three persons of interest are finally sought. All of them are young women: Shapree Monique Stoneham, 29, Khalisah Smith, 18, and Alexis Moshae Gore, 22. In the official statement the detectives emphasize that these women are not charged at this time — they just hope to receive information from them. According to KTRK, Jordan, the young victim, was spending time with his father on their balcony around 9 p.m. on March 31. He became thirsty, so Jordan Allen Sr. left to bring him juice. That's when the shooting started on the street below. One bullet hit Jordan in the head, gravely injuring him. The unknown shooter fled in a vehicle.

“You Motherf—ers Going Down With Me”; Texan Teen Wanted for Corona Terrorism (VIDEO)

The Carrollton Police Department is searching for an 18-year old local resident Lorraine Maradiaga after her disturbing social media videos went viral...

Massachusetts Game Stop Stores Finally Shut Down

Game Stop, the world’s mightiest games retailer was very hesitant to close its stores despite all the quarantine restrictions. Even after the...

Family Ignores a Burn Ban, Sets a Gender Reveal Party Ablaze in Florida

The weather in the state of Florida is currently far too dry, so the authorities have put a temporary ban on any...

Hawaii to Resolve Plastic Pollution Issue After a Lawsuit

Back in February 2019 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was sued by several environmental groups for neglecting the plastic pollution crisis...

2 Women Wreck Chaos in a Cicero store, New York

It seems like the wave of false Coronavirus attacks isn’t dying out anytime soon. One of the recent ones took place in...

Toilet Paper Fire Lights Up Dallas, Texas (VIDEO)

The early morning of April 2nd started with a massive traffic accident in Dallas County when an 18-wheeler truck full of toilet...

Powerful Earthquake Leaves Idaho Trembling

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake rippled through the state of Idaho at 5 p.m., March 31st. The U.S. Geological Survey has already released...

Medical Identity Theft Rips Through Michigan

Pandemic scams are having their own outbreak, with the latest reports coming from Michigan. Dana Nessel, the state Attorney General released an...