Sunday, October 25, 2020

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Health and coronavirus

N Carolina Is Being Overwhelmed With Covid Numbers

There really is no way around this as the fall surge in new cases continues along its path with the number of...

Teachers Quick Action Saves The Life Of Her Students Grandmother

The quick-thinking action of one teacher leads to saving the life of one of her students. She was on a...

North Dakota Down To 20 Beds Available As Pandemic Resurgence Rages

With a resurgence in the pandemic, numbers are spiking and some states are bursting at the seams with their healthcare. The hospitals...


Crime News

Former NFL Player Sentenced 15 Years For Rape

A former NFL player has been sentenced for rape on a charge he was arrested for 5 years ago. He was taken...

Former Defence Minister Of Neighbouring Country Detained On Drug Charges

A former defence minister from a neighbouring country. Is detained on charges related to drug trafficking in the United States. This is...

South Dakota Attorney General 911 Call And Blood Test Results Released

A fatal accident involving an Attorney General of the state was registered the following day. They received the call from the AG...

Officer Involved In The Death Of George Floyd Released On Bail

 The officer involved in the Death of  George Floyd has been released. The death which caused wide-scale outrage and riots worldwide threatens...

Texas AG Accused of Crimes By His Staff

The employees of an Attorney General have reported him to the proper authorities for bribery and corruption. His staff and supporters reported...


New York To Close Schools Again In Hot Spots

Hardly a week of allowing students back into schools New York is closing some down. It is necessary to do so said the...

Sacramento Drive-By Shooting Senselessly Kills 9 Year old Injures Three Others

An incident involving a drive-by shooting has left a 9-year-old dead in Sacramento. Three others were shot one of whom was a...

Texas Woman Conducted A 19 Year Old Shoplifting Spree

ATtexas woman went on a 19-year shoplifting spree and sold the stolen goods online. she used various tools to evade security cameras...

Rick Moranis Attacked While Walking In Broad Daylight

Moranis was minding his own business walking in New York. When he was randomly attacked by a blow to the head from...

Fracking Ban Not Voted For In Colorado

The people of Colorado have decided to do away with a fracking ban. Approving the ban would have interfered with the flourishing...

Denver Colarado Broncos Place Thinking Caps On For Charity

The Denver Broncos of Colorado as some teams. Decided to not fill the stadium with a full audience. This is as a...

Local Oil Firm To The Rescue

It is certainly not a secret that the state of Texas has lost 40K + jobs in the pandemic however an oil...

Chicago’s Legendary Pub ‘Cork & Kerry’ Shut Down For Repeated Quarantine Violations

Cork & Kerry, one of the most beloved Irish pubs of Chicago has been closed for repeatedly violating the COVID-19 business-during-quarantine rules.

Cut-Off Driver Starts Shooting At Chick-Fil-A Drive-Tru In Dover, Delaware.

An identified male has allegedly fired several shots at a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru in the Delaware capital of Cover. The investigation is currently...