Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Health and coronavirus

EUA For Moderna Fortifies In The Virus Fight

As the virus still rages and records keep getting broken. The health authorities have added Moderna to go ahead with an emergency...

Major Winter Storm About To Hit Most Of The East Coast

As many as 45 million Americans may be affected by a winter storm in the next couple of days. New York is...

Grieving Family In Greely Colorado Fighting To Convey Their Message

A lady steeped in public service and who loved her community. Has died far away from all that she served and loved....


Crime News

BLM Flags Of DC’s Oldest Black Church Burned In Pro-Trump Rally

Members of two churches could not believe their eyes on waking up and seeing the scenes they saw. An event involving a...

SEC Hands $200 Million Fine For Misleading Investors

A massive corporation and long term blue-chip company. Has been handed a massive fine in the 100's of millions It...

Kim Kardashian Asks Fans To Support Petitioning Of President On Impending...

A celebrity with a considerable social media following in the millions. Has taken up the plight of an inmate due to be...

Homicide Levels In Phoenix And Many Other Places Overtake Last Years...

To envisage that this year has been a difficult year for police departments is not difficult. It is however been a particularly...

State Inmate In Indiana Executed.

After a 20 year stop on state executions. The US has executed 16+ state inmates and another one announced today. This involved...


Food Insecurity Is Rising Congress Requires To Act

A call out to government highlighting the insecurity in which many are in. This Christmas the maintain people will be wondering where...

White House Communications Director Resigns Other Staff In A Quandry

With the incumbent president evidently refusing to concede. Each day brings new alleged wrongdoings during the election. It is therefore hard to...

Family Businesses Badly Hit In Colorado

This has been a devastating pandemic on most people. Only small businesses have been hit especially hard. This story is about a...

Police Raid Home Of Maradonna’s Psychiatrist

Investigations into the possible manslaughter of an absolute legend in the world of football. Consequently, police raided the home of his psychiatrist....

When Can We Get The Vaccine

It is the million-dollar question today. When can I get a vaccine? There are still hurdles in the complete answer to this...

Kim Kardashian Asks Fans To Support Petitioning Of President On Impending Execution

A celebrity with a considerable social media following in the millions. Has taken up the plight of an inmate due to be...

Tyson Steps Back Into The Ring Against Roy Jones Jr

When two former world boxing champions step back into the ring it shows that nothing is impossible. Even during a pandemic which...

Personal Differences Detected In NY Supreme Court Ruling On Church Services

The supreme court’ ruling in New York on rejecting the pandemic limits on church services. Has not only received short shrift from...

Travelling Nurse Salaries Shooting Through the Roof

The pandemic is changing our lives in ways that are more than the eye can see. In hospitals, it was about the...