Monday, October 26, 2020

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Health and coronavirus

N Carolina Is Being Overwhelmed With Covid Numbers

There really is no way around this as the fall surge in new cases continues along its path with the number of...

Teachers Quick Action Saves The Life Of Her Students Grandmother

The quick-thinking action of one teacher leads to saving the life of one of her students. She was on a...

North Dakota Down To 20 Beds Available As Pandemic Resurgence Rages

With a resurgence in the pandemic, numbers are spiking and some states are bursting at the seams with their healthcare. The hospitals...


Crime News

Former NFL Player Sentenced 15 Years For Rape

A former NFL player has been sentenced for rape on a charge he was arrested for 5 years ago. He was taken...

Former Defence Minister Of Neighbouring Country Detained On Drug Charges

A former defence minister from a neighbouring country. Is detained on charges related to drug trafficking in the United States. This is...

South Dakota Attorney General 911 Call And Blood Test Results Released

A fatal accident involving an Attorney General of the state was registered the following day. They received the call from the AG...

Officer Involved In The Death Of George Floyd Released On Bail

 The officer involved in the Death of  George Floyd has been released. The death which caused wide-scale outrage and riots worldwide threatens...

Texas AG Accused of Crimes By His Staff

The employees of an Attorney General have reported him to the proper authorities for bribery and corruption. His staff and supporters reported...


Hawaii to Resolve Plastic Pollution Issue After a Lawsuit

Back in February 2019 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was sued by several environmental groups for neglecting the plastic pollution crisis...

2 Women Wreck Chaos in a Cicero store, New York

It seems like the wave of false Coronavirus attacks isn’t dying out anytime soon. The workers of Ollie’s Bargain...

Toilet Paper Fire Lights Up Dallas, Texas (VIDEO)

The early morning of April 2nd started with a massive traffic accident in Dallas County when an 18-wheeler truck full of toilet...

Powerful Earthquake Leaves Idaho Trembling

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake rippled through the state of Idaho at 5 p.m., March 31st. The U.S. Geological Survey has already released...

Medical Identity Theft Rips Through Michigan

Pandemic scams are having their own outbreak, with the latest reports coming from Michigan. Dana Nessel, the state Attorney General released an...

No Weed During Corona: Cannabis Sales are Suffering in California

You would think that the cannabis industry would thrive during the all-American pandemic. Turns out, that isn’t exactly the case — at...

29-year-old man is the First Hunter Jailed for Poaching in Washington

Poaching has always been taken seriously by the U.S. criminal law and the current pandemic has evidently increased those concerns. On March...

Senator Peter Micciche Tries to Exchange New Bill on Alcohol in Alaska

Breweries in Alaska have to close by 8 p.m. regardless of what day it is. But this might change soon. At least if Alaska...

Cat’s Sixth Sense Leads to a Mysterious Find in Arizona

It was a pretty ordinary day for Ceejae Jackman when she found her young kitten determinedly scratching the wall in one of...