Officer Involved In The Death Of George Floyd Released On Bail


 The officer involved in the Death of  George Floyd has been released. The death which caused wide-scale outrage and riots worldwide threatens to disturb the peace again. Twitter was alight with the cause of death by gross mistreatment as the victim was heard to say I can’t breath several times is still fresh in the memory. There is fear that another round of riots will erupt as protesters took to the streets on the officer’s release on bail. The three other officers with him were also terminated of their appointments and face similar charges. It was the callousness of the treatment that was especially galling.

This injustice in the eyes of many is hard to forgive. His release may be very ill-advised indeed. When people feel that justice is not served it fuels acts that would not normally take place.

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Christopher is the head of the Crimes and Accidents News department. He’s a third-generation New Yorker with a passion for journalistic objectivity. Christopher (always "Christopher", never "Chris!) grew up living every kid's dream: his father owned a comic book shop in East Brooklyn. But don't presume that the heroic characters in spandex were the ones who made him fascinated with the Crime vs Punishment concept. Christopher was more interested in the non-superhero comics like Tank Girl and Maus. In the 8th grade he already knew what he was about to do in this life, which was investigative journalism that he would later successfully study in Columbia. Christopher then returned to New York to work as a stringer. Those adrenaline-filled times were equally nerve-wracking and amazing; the only thing that made him settle down was marrying his beloved wife of 10 years. Crime reporting remains Christopher's specialty and biggest passion. That, and not being called "Chris".


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