North Dakota Down To 20 Beds Available As Pandemic Resurgence Rages


With a resurgence in the pandemic, numbers are spiking and some states are bursting at the seams with their healthcare. The hospitals are full up with patients in North Dakota and unfortunately, they are down to very few beds. There are many factors leading to this state of affairs say, health workers. They have had to seek help from nearby states to help the residents of their state. The ability to trace is a compounding factor in the mix. People are reluctant to report they were at an event such as a wedding or other similar gathering. This makes life very difficult for health workers. Where this leads no one really knows. They only know it has led unbearable pressure placed on the states healthcare infrastructure.

It is imperative that they get the cooperation from the state’s residents in following guidelines. Regarding wearing masks and social distancing procedures in helping to stem the rising numbers. They state that people are not doing that which is leading to ever-increasing numbers.

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