New Storms And No Power: Tennessee Braces Itself


Powerful thunderstorms that shook up middle Tennessee on May 3rd might just be beginning, warns The National Weather Service Nashville (NWS). The second round is expected on May 4th with strong storms, large hail, and flash flooding in the afternoon and night. 

The NWS Twitter account is currently reminding the residents to stay weather alert and acquire several methods to receive warnings, including the NOAA Weather Radios powered by batteries. 

The latter is especially important since the Sunday storm left more than 130,000 middle Tennessee homes without electricity. This outage is one of the largest ever for the area, and it might take a week or two to get power back. 

The Nashville Electric Service has issued a statement, explaining the severity of the damage: “Straight-line winds as high as 60-80 miles per hour knocked down trees, power lines, and power polls, interrupting power to 130,000 of our 400,000+ customers.”

“Restoration times will depend on individual circumstances. In some cases, power could be out for a week or two.”

“This is unfortunate timing on the heels of a tornado and as we deal with battling COVID-19.”


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