Nails In Hot Dogs: Dog Owner Makes Shocking Discovery on Rhode Island


What seemed to be a scary urban legend turned out to be true for Rhode Island.

A man walking his dog on May 4th in the city of Newport stumbled upon a disturbing find. Pieces of sausage meat, neatly cut and apparently taken straight from hot dogs were scattered on the lawns of Thurston Avenue.

Each piece had a sharp nail inside it.

The man quickly alerted the police. The authorities arrived at the scene and scanned the area, collecting the dangerous “treats”. On May 5th an investigation was launched, and according to the Newport Police Facebook page, anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Patrick Walsh.

In the comments to the post, the shocked Newport residents are discussing the incident. 

“I live on this street. I’ll be on the lookout now. A lot of my neighbors have dogs,” says one user. 

“I don’t care how badly you don’t want a dog to poop on your yard. This kind of behavior is that of an evil-minded, disturbed individual”, added another.

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