Mothers, Unable To Handle Their Kids, Tear Down Caution Tape Around Playground in Texas


The police in Pasadena, Texas, has finally put back a yellow caution tape around a playground at Holly Bay Court Park. This time they added some warning signs — because local parents were too eager to break the pandemic restrictions.

The first incident happened on May 12th, when two mothers who failed to explain the dangers of a virus outbreak to their kids, tore down the yellow tape, and let the children on the slides. According to KHOU, the police arrived and asked them to leave, but the mothers refused. 

There were no consequences for them, however, at least for now. “We try to educate them on the reason why the equipment has been closed and tried to encourage them not to use the equipment,” Pasadena Chief Josh Bruegger told KHOU. “The decision was made at that point to document the incident, but there’s going to be no further enforcement action taken on that.”

The freshly-installed signs on the playground read: “STAY OFF: Playgrounds, exercise equipment, basketball courts, picnic tables, benches.”


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