More Tigers and Lions in Bronx Zoo Catch COVID-19


It has been almost two weeks since the first world-known big feline, a female tiger from Bronx Zoo in New York, tested positive for COVID-19. Unfortunately, the epidemic continued to spread among the animals. 

On April 22 the Bronx Zoo representatives officially confirmed 7 new COVID-19 cases: four tigers in Tiger Mountain and three lions. One of the tigers’ illness is actually asymptomatic since the animal never developed a cough, reports Miami Herald.

“Samples for testing from the tiger, Nadia, were collected from her nose, throat, and respiratory tract while she was under anesthesia”, says the Bronx Zoo press release.

“This testing was done by using a fecal sample test developed by our laboratory partners that do not require the animals to be placed under anesthesia.”

It is noted that all eight animals are not exhibiting abnormal behavior.

Earlier that day it has been reported that two domestic cats from different areas of New York state tested positive for COVID-19. Both pets had mild respiratory illness and are expected to make a full recovery.


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