Man Tries To Set A 4-Year-Old On Fire To Exorcise Demon in Pennsylvania

Photo via Cambria County Jail.

Josiah James McIntosh (27), a Pennsylvania resident has been arrested for attempting to set a 4-year-old child on fire thus getting rid of a “demon.” It is currently unknown if the boy and McIntosh are related, even though there are claims that they are father and son, says FOX.

The police found McIntosh with the boy after receiving a “domestic disturbance” call. The room smelled of gasoline and the grownup was holding a lighter. According to a preliminary investigation, an unnamed man had already tried to stop McIntosh, but he attacked him.

McIntosh was arrested after trying to flee from the authorities and is now facing aggravated assault of a person under the age of 6, reckless endangerment, and child endangerment charges.

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