Man And Fiancée Kill And Blow Up His Grandparents In Washington

Photo via Q13Fox.

The fiancée of a Washington man accused of murdering his grandparents has been arrested for being his alleged accomplice. 

The bodies of 71-year-old “Ted” Ralston and his 73-year-old wife Joanna Gormley were discovered on May 17th after their house in Pierce County, Washington. Ezra Ralston, their 25-year-old grandson who lived with them was not home when it happened. 

Following the preliminary investigation firefighters discovered sufficient evidence of arson, including multiple gas cans and signs of a propane explosion. The bodies of the elderly couple were in the basement, lying side-by-side. It was later revealed that both had been stabbed multiple times, reports FOX. 

According to court documents, Ralston sent several text messages during the day of his grandparents’ murder, claiming that they had COVID-19 symptoms and were taken to the hospital in stable condition. He was arrested the following day at a Lakewood apartment complex where his fiancée, 22-year-old Rebecka Neubauer, lived. 

Neubauer was not apprehended at first but later confessed to orchestrating the murders of her fiance’s grandparents with him. The investigators say that she was the one giving Ralston advice on hiding the bodies and the evidence, encouraging him through text messages like, “You’re so amazing you got this.” (sic) 

The couple planned to start a commune on Ralston’s grandparents’ property after getting rid of them. Neubauer’s mather admitted that her daughter had “joked” about him killing his grandparents so they could move into their Key Peninsula home.

Ezra Ralston and Rebecka Neubauer are charged with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder. Ralston’s bail was set at $1 million, and Neubauer, who pleaded not guilty, is being held without bail.

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