Maine Thieves Are Out For Precious Metals From Your Truck

Volkswagen Vanagon Catalytic Converter. Photo via Vanagon Blog on Flickr.

It looks like the first glimpse of a new economic crisis is already visible. In Kennebec County, Maine the illegal hunt for non-ferrous and precious metals has become systematic enough to draw attention. The thieves are after a certain part of large vehicles — catalytic converter systems, warns the police.

So far several reports of this type of theft took place during the period April 5th-April 6th in the towns of China, Manchester and Litchfield.

The perpetrators are apparently quite smooth and quick. They get under the cars, mainly pickup trucks, and neatly cut out the catalytic converters from the exhaust systems with a reciprocating saw. The Kennebec County police are currently seeking any information that can help to find the thieves.

Catalytic converters are made of precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, which makes them a good bargain for the black market.


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