Magnificant, The All-Girls Catholic High School In Ohio, Responds To N-Word Instagram Footage (VIDEO)


Yet another racist video was unearthed by social media sleuths and this time it came from Ohio. 

The video, which was reposted on Twitter on May 30th by the user @finelinestyIe shows several young girls during what appears to be a sleepover. One of the girls, who looks white, repeats the n-word several times and laughs along with the others. The video, captioned “omg dead.”, looks like it was originally filmed and posted via the Snapchat app. 

According to the poster’s explanation, the girl in the video attended the Magnificat High School, was never disciplined for her actions, and bragged about getting away with them. In the replies, it is stated that the incident took place in January.

The school, which is located in Rocky River, Ohio, and operates as an all-girls Catholic establishment, was relatively fast to respond when the video went viral. Magnificant’s President Moira Clark released a statement, calling it “offensive and hurtful” both for the racial slurs and the delivery.

The statement also claims that the school knew about the video back in winter and that “disciplinary proceedings” followed. 

After promising to do better with teaching the students, Clark added that the girls in the video had received threats and that the police were notified.  

However, merely hours after the statement was publicized, a comment resurfaced claiming that the girl from the video posted to her social media accounts the previous night, saying that the slur she used was “just a word” and “not a big deal.”

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