Jaguars’ Tyler Eifert Interrupts Zoom Interview To Chase Dogs (VIDEO)


Pets of celebrities, teachers, and reporters continue to be the main stars of the social distancing world. This time the spotlight went to Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tyler Eifert and his dogs, Jameson, and Tank.

Eifert was chatting with reporters via a Zoom conference call from his house on May 14th when a neighbor called out to him: “Hey, your dog was in my yard!” Being a responsible dog dad, Eifert excused himself and rushed out in the middle of the call to chase the wayward pups. 

Luckily, he could track the pets and bring them back quickly and safely.

“They’re back,” Eifert informed the amused reporters. “And, I got a little conditioning in too.” He then returned to the interview, discussing Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II, staying healthy over a full season last year, and how his familiarity with offensive coordinator Jay Gruden was a factor in him signing with Jacksonville, reports Yahoo Sports.

The dogs behaved.


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