Ivana & Jared Kushners Kids Withdrawn From School


There are apparently repercussions where we least expect them. Three of the children of the highest-powered young couple in the land have been withdrawn from school. This is to do with the fact their parents continuously flouted the school’s guidelines on COVID 19. They were responsible for inimical acts that placed other members of the school at risk. It is claimed that said parents attended events which were not only known hot spots for cases. They also did not bother to wear masks either. When this was brought to their attention they continued to flout the guidelines repeatedly. While this was going on their eldest son was attending the school. His siblings were also coming in for one-hour placements. Even though there was some suspicion that other parents complaints brought this issue up.

The school is adamant that it was school policy and guidelines that were being followed. Other parents do not run the school policy or make up the guidelines.

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