Girl Cuts Herself With a Knife, Runs From Police in Stolen Ambulance in Indiana

Terre Haute Regional Hospital. Photo via Terre Haute Regional Hospital on Facebook.

Police in Terre Haute, Indiana, arrests a 25-year-old woman for stealing a Regional Hospital ambulance. The ambitious car thief hijacked the TransCare vehicle on Monday morning, March 23, taking it for a fast ride. 

About 20 minutes after hospital staff reported ambulance as stolen, police officers spotted it speeding down the U.S Highway 41. They then deployed stop sticks on its way, causing the woman to run over them on more than 80 mph. She then lost control and crashed into a field near Melon Patch market. 

She apparently remained conscious and didn’t resist the arrest. However, she had to be treated for a self-inflicted knife wound to the arm and transported to Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes. All of her injuries per the crash were non-threatening.

Terre Haute police department is not releasing woman’s name because of their policy and ongoing investigation. Her motives for stealing the ambulance are also currently unknown. 


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