House Of Pain And St. Louis County Exchange Lawsuits (VIDEO)


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Posted by House of Pain Gym Chesterfield on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

House of Pain, a St. Louis gym chain that defied local pandemic regulations, filed a 100-page federal lawsuit against the county on May 18th.

This is the next step in a clash between the company and the county that were the first to file a lawsuit on May 11th, requiring the owner to shut down two facilities in Chesterfield and Maryland Heights. St. Louis officials also demand the owner to turn over the names and information for all of the House of Pain members who have been inside since the pandemic lockdown and pay for the COVID-19 testing of everyone from that list.

Joe Corbett, who owns the gyms, said that House of Pain will stay open since it is a right for a small business to do so. “Huge Announcement to All House of Pain Gym Members,” he posted on his Facebook page. “Please contact your local state representatives and flood St Louis County Executive Sam Page with a call to Action to include and support Gyms to ReOpen! #HellNoWeWontClose. #supportlocalbusiness.”

He also posted a video listing his reasons why the gyms should be considered essential business.

Now the House of Pain gyms fire back, naming St. Louis County Executive Sam Page, St. Louis County’s acting health director Emily Doucette and St. Louis County Counselor Beth Orwick as the defendants, reports KSDK. The lawsuit also claims that gyms are allowed to open in other parts of the state under Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s “Show Me Strong Recovery Plan.”

“What is at issue, in this case, is that the actions of the Defendants, even if taken in good faith initially, have gone too far and are needlessly infringing upon some of our citizens’ most essential freedoms and liberties which are enshrined in our Constitution,” the lawsuit reads.


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