Hawaii to Resolve Plastic Pollution Issue After a Lawsuit

Photo by Dustan Woodhouse via Unsplash

Back in February 2019 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was sued by several environmental groups for neglecting the plastic pollution crisis in the state of Hawaii. On April 2nd they received the long-awaited reaction from the White House administration, reports Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). 

Now the state of Hawaii has until May 29 to investigate the exact severity of harm that plastic waste causes to the local flora and fauna: the ocean and other water bodies, beaches, turtles, fish. 

The plastic pollution crisis quite literally poisons humans as well, says Maxx Philips, the CBD’s Hawaii director. It’s the issue of public health since the major part of plastic garbage is toxic and those toxins intertwine with our food chains regardless of what kind of diet someone prefers. 

The currently known magnitude of plastic contamination in Hawaii is so severe that Kamilo Beach alone goes by the nickname “Plastic Beach”. 


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