Furious Shopper Mob Throws Woman Out Of Staten Island Shop For Not Wearing Face Mask (VIDEO)


While a handful of U.S. states continues to defy the COVID-19 precautions, people of the hard-hit New York City don’t take any chances. 

A Staten Island woman was surrounded by an angry crowd after showing up at a grocery store with her face uncovered. The video of an incident quickly went viral over the weekend, demonstrating an example of civic responsibility. 

All the shoppers inside the store were wearing face masks and the woman apparently initially refused to cover her face or leave. That’s when the others got infuriated, shouting “Get out, get the f–k out!!” at her until she stormed off. 

As of May 25th, New York City had 197,000 thousand confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 16,410 deaths caused by the virus. The state of New York remains the country’s pandemic epicenter.


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