Florida Beaches Are Open Again For Now


COVID-19 pandemic may be far from over, but the authorities in Florida have made a decision to open the Jacksonville and St. John’s county beaches for the public again.

The announcement, made on April 17th, mentions a set of restrictions that will be mandatory for every beach-goer during the quarantine. Governor Ron DeSantis reminded that the residents are still required to keep social distancing while enjoying the ocean breeze.

Sunbathing, sitting, standing in place, or hanging in companies larger than 10 persons are prohibited, as well as using towels, or grilling. Walking (including walking your pet), jogging, or going for a surf or a swim are greenlighted.

Jax beaches, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach will be available from 6 to 11 in the morning and from 5 to 8 in the afternoon starting April 17th.


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