Female Boots With 21 Pounds Of Cocaine Inside Almost Make It From Colombia Before Being Discovered By Cinccinati Agents

Photo via Maksym Rudek on Pexels.

What looked like an ordinary package of footwear has turned out to be an attempt to conceal an impressive amount of cocaine sent from Bogota, Colombia. According to the official press release from the authorities, the criminal shipment was discovered last week by Customs and Border Protection in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The package drew the attention of Betty, a CBP detector canine that alerted the officers. They x-rayed a pair of female boots found inside, noting their suspiciously large arch support. After cutting the boots up, the agents discovered multiple small bags containing a white powdery substance that was later identified as 21 pounds of cocaine.

A quantity this large is worth approximately $500 thousand, reports WKRC. The shipment was on its way to Haverstraw, New York.


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