Father Arrested For Leaving Two Young Kids In Hot Car In Hanover, New Jersey

Photo via Unsplash.

Authorities in the Hanover Township, New Jersey, have announced that a local man who left his two young children in a hot car had been taken into custody.

The incident took place earlier this month after two police officers answered a call from a concerned passerby who noticed crying children in a car near the Wegmans. The temperature outside was around 90 degrees and the kids, locked inside and helpless were suffering from extreme heat, sweaty and distressed.

After the officers managed to get inside the vehicle and relocate the kids inside the police car for cooling off and rehydration, they tried to locate their parent via the Wegmans’ intercome. It took him 20 minutes to finally show up, and he was promptly arrested. Later, it was determined that his kids, a boy and a girl, were 6 and 4 years respectively. The boy was developmentally disabled. In total, they spent around 45 minutes in that car while their father was shopping for groceries.


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