Family Dollar Store Guard Killed In Face Mask Brawl


On May 4th the Genesee County prosecutor issued a press release with shocking details of last week’s conflict in Flint, Michigan.

Calvin Munerlyn, a 43-year-old security guard at a Family Dollar store north of downtown Flint refused to let a woman named Sharmel Teague inside the shop since she was not wearing a face mask. This infuriated Teague, who started verbally abusing Munerlyn, eventually spitting at him and leaving.

However, she immediately returned with two men, her husband Larry and son Ramonyea Bishop. The confrontation continued, ending in tragedy: Bishop pulled out a gun and shot Munerlyn in the back of the head, killing him.

All three members of the family received different charges, but each was charged with First-degree premeditated murder. But for now, only Sharmel is in custody: Larry and Ramonyea had fled the scene and are currently sought by police. 

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