East End Beach in Portland Shuts Down After Sewage Dump

East End Beach. Photo via Jeff Dugan on Flickr.

East End Beach, one of the most popular recreational places in Portland, Maine, entered an emergency shutdown today after the East End Wastewater Treatment Plant had accidentally discharged a huge amount of waste in Casco Bay.

It is not the first disaster of this kind in the plant’s history. Two years ago 1.7 gal. of wastewater were spilled into the waters during the cleaning of one of the tanks. The beach had to be closed for 36 hours and the investigation showed that a worker hadn’t opened a reserve valve properly by accident.

How much waste got into the bay this time, is currently unknown, and the cause is yet to be determined.

East End Beach is the only public beach in Portland and it is very popular for swimming and sunbathing during summertime.


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