Dodger Stadium In Los Angeles Turnes Into Another Pandemic Testing Site, Will Host 6,000 People Daily

Photo via Ron Reiring on Flickr.

Dodger Stadium will become a Los Angeles’ newest and largest coronavirus testing location starting May 26th, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Friday.

The drive-thru site will be able to host tests for 6,000 people per day. “That’s three times larger than any testing site that we have,” Garcetti said.

This will be the 10th such site in LA which offers free-of-charge tests to the residents, regardless of whether they have symptoms of the respiratory disease. All the tests will be performed by taking mouth swabs.

The Dodger Stadium site thus joins the testing locations Stadium Way, outside the L.A. Fire Department’s Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center.

LAFD and the relief group CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) will administer the tests with the help of 60 staff members.

Some concerns have already been expressed since the Dodger Stadium’s parking lot is known for being hard to move around after baseball games. But Garcetti promised the precautions, claiming that the site was being designed to move as many people through as quickly as possible. The efforts expect to cut down on long lines and wait times — something that is a frequent problem at other screening locations.

While drivers wait in line, they’ll be able to view instructions on how to complete a test on the stadium’s big screens. “So when drivers get to the front line, they’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it,” the mayor said.


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