Deputy Is Assaulted By Former Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Known For Continuous Erratic Behavior

Photo via Fox59.

Antonio Morrison, a 25-year-old ex-linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, has been jailed for allegedly punching a security officer in Marion County, Indiana. As on May 19th, he is facing battery charges in addition to felony intimidation charges that had been filed for a different case in Hamilton County, reports Fox59.

The story began to unfold on May 10th, when police and firefighters arrived at Morrison’s house to find smoke coming from the windows. Morrison claimed that he had burned some food but refused to come outside.

The following day he was taken to the behavioral health unit at Community Hospital for evaluation, where he threatened nurses and security. His neighbors reported observing his strange and erratic behavior for years. In fact, they had previously called the police multiple times after Morrison threatened to kill them. Splashes of white and red paint are covering the upstairs windows of Morrison’s home, notes the affidavit form Carmel police.

An old professional trauma could be blamed for the footballer’s problems. According to court records, Morrison’s father told police, “[My son] suffered from a concussion playing football three years ago.” He added that the NFL paid to have his girlfriend and two kids “relocate to Florida due to violent behavior displayed by Antonio,” reports WDRB.


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