Colorado’s Tick Fever Exceeds The Expectations This Summer

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick. Photo on Yellowstone National Park via Flickr.

It looks like Colorado residence will have to adopt additional safety measures during the summer of 2020, as tick fever cases are reportedly exceeding the norm.

According to epidemiologists, the state has already seen five cases in Wyoming. While this number might seem unimpressive to some, the usual annual statistics in this area is either two cases tops or not at all.

The absolute majority of tick fever cases this summer was registered in Sublette County, reports the Wyoming Department of Health. A single case was reported from Park County. Health specialists have already issued a public safety announcement to help prevent the infection transmitted through the bites of Dermacentor Anderson, commonly known as Rocky Mountain Wood ticks.

The precautions include applying special repellents, wearing pants and long-sleeved clothes while outdoors, avoiding (or being extremely careful) in wooden and grassy areas and regularly checking yourself — and your pets — for ticks.


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