Chicago’s Legendary Pub ‘Cork & Kerry’ Shut Down For Repeated Quarantine Violations

Photo via Pressmaster on Pexels.

Cork & Kerry, one of the most beloved Irish pubs of Chicago has been closed for repeatedly violating the COVID-19 business-during-quarantine rules.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the pub first drew the attention of the authorities last week, after a staff member who had found out he caught the virus sent informed the Business Affairs & Consumer Protection department. The investigators were then sent to Cork & Kerry’s place of business in West Beverly.

They found no faults on Friday, but the situation changed over the following weekend. The bar continued to work and serve drinks to the guests after 12 p.m., and no one inside the venue was actually wearing face covers, determined BACP.

Now Cork & Kerry’s owner will have to come up with a safe reopening policy and submit it to the Health Department and the Illinois Liquor Control Commission in order to open the pub again during the quarantine.

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