Businessman Alleged To Have Bribed Fencing Coach For Entry Of Sons to Harvard


The university admissions scandal continues to roll on. Equally adamant to stop it is the FBI. Who have stated they wanted to make admissions a level playing field. There have been many cases this year were rich and famous parents. Have been proved to have bribed university staff to get their children enrolled in the best universities. The latest is a CEO of a telecommunications company who is alleged to have bribed the fencing coach. To get admittance into an Ivy League university. Although coaches are not responsible for admissions. Who they recommend influences greatly those responsible for admissions. The businessman is alleged to have made donations,  gifts and assets to the fencing coach. Of this very elite university. He, in turn, pleads innocence and claims his sons got in. As a result of their academic and fencing prowess.

Investigations by the FBI show that not all is innocent in this case. They suspect as a result that bribes have been made. The businessman involved has to answer a case in a court of law.

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