Army Vet Loses Prosthetic Leg While Surfing, Boy Finds It While Treasure Hunting

Photo via Carter Hess on Facebook.

Carter Hess has been peacefully surfing in St. Andrews before a rogue wave upturned him, tearing away his prosthetic leg. Hess made it to the shore safely and tried to find the prosthetic, which was custom-made of titanium. But a two-day-search was fruitful.

When a miracle arrived in the form of Sebastian Morris, a 13-year-old resident of Santa Rosa Beach. He and his dad went for a treasure hunt in May, and that’s when he dug out the most unusual artifact — a prosthetic limb hidden in the piers almost 30 ft from the spot where Hess had lost it.

The teen launched an online search campaign to try and locate the leg’s owner. That’s when Hess’s friends discovered it and alerted him.

Hess, Sebastian, and the boy’s family all met up for dinner, where the man and his leg finally rejoined.

Hess had his leg amputated eight years ago after being deployed to Afghanistan. This did not stop him from living life in its fullest and giving up sports and other activities.


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