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Whilst travelling state to state to cover regional news and events our Founder Matthew Moran was experiencing local culture and was pleasantly surprised at the similarities as well as the differences between the various states. He would often compose his articles for submission to the various news journals he was contributing to from small cafe’s and local libraries. He was assured of wi-fi and could quickly get his stories out.

After 5 years of this he decided it was something he would like to continue to do but for himself covering regional news that was important to the people locally, rather than write what he was requested to from other news sites. He nurtured the idea for another 2 years whilst talking to as many journalists and potential individuals he thought would be able to help him get his regional project off the ground.

Every time he thought he had a group of people together there was always one issue or another that did not allow him to actually structure the news site properly and so it went until he met Felicia Bryson, she knew everybody who was worth knowing and had a contact list that Matthew is in awe of till this day.

In two weeks she had a team of journalists, a shared office location in Chicago, and introduced Matthew to the Manager of the largest Bank in the State. This was more than an introduction as Matthew was to learn that the Bank was looking for local business start-ups to support as a part of their special loans program. That was all it took to start Regional USA.

With the strong team covering regional issues around the US the news team has worked tirelessly to build the large group of independent journalists from every nook and cranny around the Country, enabling reporting of news as it happens from a local perspective. Exactly the vision Matthew had in mind.

Today every Editor in Regional USA runs a team of the best reporters from every state, getting breaking local news on politics, crime and accidents, society and more. Every member is proud of their contribution to the success of the news site and to call themselves a member of the Regional USA family.

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